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You have a tourist visa for Australia ? Then parts for The Hamilton Island


The Hamilton Island


The island is situated on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef and is the second largest inhabited island of the archipelago of Whitsunday. It is characterized by a series of mountains submerged wetlands located near the eastern coast of Queensland . It is used almost exclusively for touristic purposes.

Offers a unique experience: wonderful time, crystal clear waters, beaches of white sand, majestic coral reefs, unique flora and fauna, and so many activities that it is impossible to list them all. sull'isola si trovano magnifici hotel, dai 3 stelle agli extralusso, dai bungalow alle ville da mille e una notte e alle case vacanza. The island offers many activities, more than 60 between which to choose, you can:

Play golf on professional fields of golf club, trekking in the wilderness areas, drinking a cocktail at sunset, organize a safari , Go in sunset cruise, experiment with the sport fishing, riding the waves with the windsurfing, snorkelling.

On this island, nature offers the best, especially in the sea, where the depths are a paradise for every diver. We are in the state of the sun, relaxation and fun are guaranteed. Hamilton Island has the only airport of the Whitsunday Islands, is served by several lines ferry that exclusively transport people. The motor vehicles on the mainland are prohibited, . You can move hiring a car electric golf . around july-september, visitors can see whales whilst roaming through the warm waters of the Whitsunday Islands. Are you interested to spend an unforgettable holiday on Hamilton Island? What aspects, fill out the application for a tourist visa for Australia and parts toward the adventure.

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