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With visa australia you can visit Kangaroo Island


Obtain a visa for Australia you will give the possibility to travel on the beautiful Kangaroo Island is truly spectacular, where you can find the cliffs overhanging the sea stormy, quiet beaches, an ocean blue color, vast Boschive Formations of eucalyptus, sheltered bays and coves hidden. But do not be fooled by the dimensions, in fact though seemingly an islet near the great Australia in fact Kangaroo Island is as big as the Val d' Aosta and therefore the tourist need time to visit it well. Not only the Echidna, kangaroos, koalas, wallabies and penguins live on the whole island, but these creatures are also easily arranged at the approach so completely one with this memorable experience of close contact with nature. A visit to South Australia may not be complete if you do not pass a few days on the island. If you are staying at Kingskote at the Ozone Seafront remember that evening just opposite the hotel part of the guided walking tour to observe the Penguin colony and, behind the hotel there is a restaurant that is called local Beautiful , well worth visiting but remember that you must go up to 8 pm……… To visit Kangaroo Island, remember to ask for a tourist visa Australia


The most famous attraction of Kangaroo Island is the Natural Park of Seal Bay on the south coast of the island. It is a place of permanent stability for a colony of around 500 rare Australian sea lions. Particular important, this Cologne represents approximately 10 % of the entire world population of this species. Sea lions Seal Bay accept without problems the presence of people in their beach and tour guided by the Park Ranger assure an encounter as far as possible aligned with these large creatures. At the top of the walk on wooden platforms is an excellent information center that provides everything needed for the knowledge about the life of sea lions.

The Flinders Chase National Park

Kangaroo Island has 18 National Parks Natural and dedicated to the protection of its rare flora and fauna. The greater extension of these is the Flinders Chase National Park, that west covers most of the island with its pristine forests and grasslands.The area is a true paradise for many seals, sea lions, eagles marine birds with plume and many other varieties of flora and fauna. The inner part of the park sees the predominance of eucalyptus forests, place of refuge a series of animals such as kangaroos and wallabies, possum, Echidna and Platypus. Koalas are also numerous on the island, which is one of the few places in Australia where visitors can admire them in their natural habitat.

The Remarkable Rocks and the Admiral's Arch

maritime environment of Kangaroo Island was the main architect of his terrestrial forms. In no other place you are such demonstrations of this, since the bizarre natural sculptures of Remarkable Rocks. These massive formations of granite stand out high on a promontory with their contorted, curious excavations created in  thousands of years of wind, rain and splashes coming from the waves. The Remarkable Rocks are one of the representations most photographed on the island, and are a true wonder for students of geology. Another natural icon of Kangaroo Island is the Admiral's Arch at Cape du Couedic. This rocky arch, chiselled by the elements, rises above a species of auditorio natural coastal that constitutes an area of refuge for sea lions New Zealanders who fish in the waters of the district and then rest on the surrounding rocks.

The cute penguins


penguins on the beach australia

A visit to Kangaroo Island cannot be complete without having admired the little penguins, and build their nests on sandy hills and on the rocky headlands from parts of Penneshaw and Kingscote. Unique among the species which reproduces in Australian waters, these cute penguins are waiting until sunset before returning to the shore. Every night, are performed guided tours at Kingscote and Penneshaw. They are held after the sunset, when the Penguins return to their settlements after having caught in the sea.

Dive in the waters of the Island

Kangaroo Island offers some of the most temperate waters in which dive throughout Australia. There are coral reefs multicolor just below the water level and rocky barriers where it can be observed a marine ecosystem undisturbed. The submerged life is lively and the pristine waters are rich in fish which the devil Blue, The Harlequin, fish of corals and the elusive Leafy Sea Dragon.There are more than 80 places where there were shipwrecks, scattered all around the island, in many of which you can still see the remains off the coast of beaches.

An underground world

at the Natural Park of Kelly Hill, a set of caves of the Kelly Hill reveals a underground labyrinth. The Caves and the excavations limestone contain various series of formations of stalagmites and stalactites and other concretions.

The beaches

Kangaroo Island has some of the most beautiful beaches of Australia, and are ideal for swimming, surfing, observe nature or simply for rilassarvisi. The twisted coast to the south of the island offers spectacular sandy beaches pristine, as  Vivonne Bay and D'Estress Bay, while the north coast has a series of beaches for swimming in complete safety, as EMU Bay, Browns Beach and the American Beach.If you are a surfer, you cannot miss the opportunity to ride the waves on these pristine beaches...get your electronic visa for asutralia and parts for an unforgettable holiday.


This is an area of spectacular white and sandy dunes, surrounded by the typical vegetation of the bush, near the coast to the south of the island. It is worth to do a climbing on the dunes to enjoy spectacular views along all the surroundings of sand and desert.

The products of the Island

The island offers magnificent food and products such as free-range poultry, honey of Ligurian bees and the 'marron', a delightful crustacean of sweet water. There are flocks of sheep that daily produce fine cheeses and yoghurt and a distillery of eucalyptus. In addition to Kangaroo Island It produces excellent wine and the two areas most renowned are Dudley Wines near Pennashaw, and Two Whheeler Creek Wines at the center of the island near to AndermelMarron.

What aspects !! click here and get your visa Australia

Traveling by train with your Visa Australia

Indian Pacific - the Legendary Australian train




Indian Pacific: Sydney - Adelaide - Perth

With your visa for Australia you will live the adventure of the rail journey more along the world ( 4352 km), which passes through the entire territory of Australia from Sydney (Pacific Ocean) up to Perth (Indian Ocean) passing to Adelaide. aboard the train you can live a pure romance, together with the people you love and visit Australia differently and spectacular, one train trip unforgettable with the Indian Pacific. Just boarded the train, you will have the wonderful sensation of how it will develop this Australian adventure. Just boarded the train, you will have the wonderful sensation of how it will develop this Australian adventure. The landscapes are conflicting, starting from the majesty of the Blue Mountains, to the arid expanse of the desert of Nullabor, passing for each gold mine, ghost towns, and varied vegetation that it encounters. All this without curves, the desert portion is crossed for 478km in straight line. Along the route it is possible to observe kangaroos and other animals. the complete trip between stops for guided visits, lasts 3 nights. It is possible to take excursions at each stop and that can be booked on the same train. On board the train there are various types of services:

  • Platinum Service : compartments spacious, elegantly furnished, with sofa and double bed and double exposure with panoramic windows on both sides. Bathroom in cab, wagon exclusive restaurant, room service.
  • Gold Service: compartment has a washbasin with the shower and the toilet
  • Red Service:suitable for passengers with luggage at hand, guests have at their disposal comfortable reclining armchairs , showers and toilets.


The catering is exceptional. At every meal we offer a variety of tasty dishes, carefully prepared by the chefs of the edge. The seasonal menu offers delicious dishes as the barramundi (water fish salty and sweet) and fillet of kangaroo grilled. At The station of Rawlinna, customers Platinum and Gold are invited to go and will be the guests for a traditional dinner outside door with roast lamb under the sky of the desert of the Nullarbor. For four days and three nights, the Indian Pacific travels between Perth and Sydney

(and return )

  • Day 1 - Perth to Kalgoorlie

The Sunny perth, the nearest beach to singapore. After the departure it rises toward Avon Valley that expands in Western Australia, the first stage of the journey, late in the evening will be the city of gold of Kalgoorlie. Here the train will stop during the night, giving the time to tourists in Australia to roam the old and great pubs and absorb the atmosphere of a city Built literally on gold.

  • Day 2 - From Kalgoorlie to Adelaide

As it restarts Kalgoorlie, the landscape assumes a lighter tone and golden, the train moves through the wilderness , in the plain of Nullabor from barren landscape and unchanged for thousands of years. In the middle of the desert there is the city of Cook, one of the outposts more isolated in the world , where there is a stop for a visit. The train will depart in the evening and travel during the night.

  • Day 3 - Adelaide

You arrive here early in the morning, passing between the colonial buildings surrounded by parks, beaches and hills. After a tour of the city, you can also stop here for a couple of days (off-train is not included) or continue to Broken Hill, a journey through wonderful landscapes. Broken Hill is the mining town more old of Australia, with buildings fate in 1920. This mining town, also known as the Silver City is located in the midst of typical desert landscapes and an oasis of lakes.

  • Day 4 - Sydney

Watch the sandstone, wooded valleys, embankments and the waterfalls of the Blue Mountains flowing in the landscapes of New South Wales, while the train arrives at final destination, Sydney.

Travel documents: Reservations must be made in advance. Travel tickets on the train are sent via e-mail and show where and when boarding the train, as well as the modalities for baggage. The document is a travel itinerary that includes both  train tickets and all the other agreements for the various stops. An email of pre-departure will be sent 7 days before journey which contains practical information for the trip.  It recalls the travellers for enter on the Australian territory it is necessary to have an entry visa for Australia or ETA Visa valid.

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You have a tourist visa for Australia ? Then parts for The Hamilton Island


The Hamilton Island


The island is situated on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef and is the second largest inhabited island of the archipelago of Whitsunday. It is characterized by a series of mountains submerged wetlands located near the eastern coast of Queensland . It is used almost exclusively for touristic purposes.

Offers a unique experience: wonderful time, crystal clear waters, beaches of white sand, majestic coral reefs, unique flora and fauna, and so many activities that it is impossible to list them all. sull'isola si trovano magnifici hotel, dai 3 stelle agli extralusso, dai bungalow alle ville da mille e una notte e alle case vacanza. The island offers many activities, more than 60 between which to choose, you can:

Play golf on professional fields of golf club, trekking in the wilderness areas, drinking a cocktail at sunset, organize a safari , Go in sunset cruise, experiment with the sport fishing, riding the waves with the windsurfing, snorkelling.

On this island, nature offers the best, especially in the sea, where the depths are a paradise for every diver. We are in the state of the sun, relaxation and fun are guaranteed. Hamilton Island has the only airport of the Whitsunday Islands, is served by several lines ferry that exclusively transport people. The motor vehicles on the mainland are prohibited, . You can move hiring a car electric golf . around july-september, visitors can see whales whilst roaming through the warm waters of the Whitsunday Islands. Are you interested to spend an unforgettable holiday on Hamilton Island? What aspects, fill out the application for a tourist visa for Australia and parts toward the adventure.

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