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Australian cities, Adelaide

ETA Australia Adelaide


To get a clearer idea of how truly an Australian city is, with the ETA Australia tourist visa you can explore the city of Adelaide. This city is located on the South Australian thing, of which it is the capital.

Nestled between the ocean and the hills, Adelaide can also be called the capital of the "Lifestyle". Renowned for its food and wine culture (the famous Barossa Valley wine area is nearby), this elegant city is experiencing a lively evolution thanks to the multitude of bars, festivals of international importance, film events.

Adelaide has a different soul because of the first German and Asian immigrants who have a strong cultural identity.

In Adelaide, more than in other cities, the Aboriginal culture is breathed. In Sydney it is possible to meet the aborigines who play the didgeridoo at the pier asking for coins, while in Adelaide the members of this people live and work like many other ethnic groups. Many places still here today retain the original aboriginal formulation and next to the national flag that of the local indigenous population, the Kaurna, waves. It is important to know that if you meet an aborigine on the street, you do not have to photograph them because they get nervous and you can get some insult. To get an overview of the city it is good to be accompanied by an Adelaide Greeter, ie a volunteer citizen who accompanies the tourist for free for a walk; this service is booked for free and you plan what you intend to go to see.

You can take part in the Fringe Festival, an event that starts with a spectacular parade and fireworks and that, day and night, involves the entire city in a blaze of music, art, sounds and colors. The festival that makes it famous all over the world, however, is the WOMADelaide, a great musical event held in the botanical garden.

E Visa Australia Adelaide Botanic Garden

Museum of South Australia

This museum is located in the central North Terrace and offers tourists the opportunity to learn about Australia's natural and cultural heritage. In the wing dedicated to natural history we discover the flora and fauna that distinguish the biodiversity of Southern Australia.

 Australia ETA south australian museum

In the Australian Aboriginal Gallery of Cultures, the aboriginal guides present help to understand the uses and customs of their people through interactive panels, artifacts, videos and artistic artifacts. In fact, this gallery houses the largest collection of Aboriginal crafts from the southern hemisphere. For those who want to deepen the Aboriginal culture, it is advisable to pay a visit to the Tandanya (which in Kaurna means "place of the red kangaroo"), the National Institute of Aboriginal Culture, located nearby.

Park Lands Trail

Adelaide is rich in greenery and so there is nothing better than to see its parks on foot or by bike along the Park Lands Trail, an equipped circuit that runs through the city and connects the 760 hectares of natural areas such as the river Torrens, the Botanical Garden and Bonython Park.

eVisitor Australia River Torrens night

Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide's central market is located in the heart of the city and is the largest covered market in the southern hemisphere. It reflects the great and growing passion of Australians for food and its counters contain the best of local and international products, to the delight of the curious and greedy: from cheeses to craft beers, from organic honey to energizing juices made on the spot. Difficult to resist the perfumes and colors of the stalls!

The incredible abundance of South Australian products will leave you speechless: fresh fruit and vegetables, hormone-free meats, artisan cheeses, smoked meats and fish products. You can have a snack or drink a coffee. To fully experience the market experience, it is very nice to take part in one of the Mark Gleeson tours that take place early in the morning, to taste the products and talk with the merchants. There is nothing more fascinating than walking through galleries, museums and colonial buildings on the North Terrace, Adelaide's cultural boulevard. Crossing the majestic train station you can admire the parliament and the seat of government. Go to the discovery of wine bars, boutiques, independent cinemas and elegant restaurants in nearby Rundle Street. Lose yourself among the many Rundle Mall stores, unveiling the secrets of high fashion at Ebenezer Place and wandering the Sunday markets.

There's nothing more exciting than diving into the waves or relaxing on the soft white beaches. From here you can swim with the dolphins or take an exciting excursion along the coast on a motor boat. Have a picnic overlooking the sea, follow the Tjilbruke Aboriginal Trail and visit the historic Kingston House in the Kingston Park Coastal Reserve. Stroll along the promenade to the charming village of Brighton, then take a bus to Port Adelaide. At that point, you can spend the afternoon exploring the converted museums, historic streets and warehouses located in the center of the city's maritime area. End your day on Henley Beach and dine in one of the many multi-ethnic restaurants along Henley Road and listen to the bands playing live in Henley Square in the summer.

Fleurieu Peninsula

Australia ETA Fleurieu Peninsula

By renting a car you can head south to the wine region of McLaren Vale, where you can visit galleries and cellars and buy olives, oil, cheese, almonds and berries in the kiosks along the way and in the orchards. If you still have the strength to ride a bike and follow the old railway to the elegant Willunga, you will reach the coast of the Gulf of St Vincent, for a swim at Port Willunga and the beaches of Christies and Maslin. Stroll along the rugged and spectacular coastline of Deep Creek Conservation Park. Driving on the east coast of the peninsula by car. See the smaller penguins and the whales that migrate between June and October at Victor Harbor.

Kangaroo Island 

eta visa australia  Kangaroo Island

Obviously with the visa for Australia, the tourist who arrives in Adelaide absolutely does not forget to take a trip to Kangaroo Island that is connected directly by bus and air to the newspaper. This island is one of the natural paradises that Australia offers and for many it represents an escape into nature far from the chaos of the city.

Rundle Mall

Australia Visa  Rundle Mall

And finally a jump to the Rundle Mall that is not only the most famous shopping center in the Central Business District of Adelaide, but it is also a meeting point for Australians who are there. It is located in a pedestrian area and inside there are Australian and international shops, bars, restaurants, sculptures and very original street artists, who are officially authorized to perform here.

Reaching Adelaide

Adelaide, along with Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra is one of the most accessible cities. These cities are connected to each other and with other Australian territories by 4 airlines, among which we mention the advantageous Tiger Airways, Virgin Australia and Quantas. Adelaide Airport is located approximately 10 km from the city center and is easily accessible by Skylink company buses. It is also possible to easily reach the city by train or car.

Visa Australia

To visit Adelaide or simply enter Australia as a tourist it is mandatory to apply for an entry visa for Australia. If the tourist is a citizen of the European community, he has the obligation to apply for the Australia eVisitor visa, which gives the possibility to stay in the territory for a maximum of 90 days for each visit. The eVisitor is valid for one year with multiple entries.
If the tourist is a non-European citizen, for example he is an American or Canadian citizen, he has the obligation to apply for an ETA Australia visa, which gives the possibility to stay in the territory for a maximum of 90 days and has a validity of 1 years.

For information on how to apply for a visa or for travel preparation see our Australia Visa insights page.


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