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Eta Australia Brisbane

In Brisbane with ETA VISA Australia

What to see in Brisbane

If you are planning a trip to Australia, you must visit Brisbane city. Before leaving for Australia, you need an ETA Australia visa if you are an American or Canadian citizen or an eVisitor visa if you are an English citizen or a European citizen.

Brisbane city is the capital of Queensland, located north of Sydney, washed by the river of the same name. Brisbane is the third most populous city in Australia due to its density.

Brisbane city offers a mix of art, relax, good food, adventure. Brisbane city offers many attractions that attract many travellers. It is a modern city, the inhabitants are extremely friendly and they’re available for anyone who wants to know all the corners.

Brisbane city has a tropical climate with hot-humid summers and dry, moderately warm winters, it has been hit by cyclones in 2009 and storms in the spring and summer months.

Brisbane has an international airport from which you can easily reach the coral reef and all its natural beauties. In Brisbane city there are large parks with palm trees and tropical vegetation. In southern part there is the seaside resort of Gold Coast with the beaches that remind Miami.

The Fraser island is located on the northern coast, where the coral reef begins.

The most important neighborhoods of Brisbane are the Fortitude Valley whose main street is James Street; it’s the young people's neighborhood where all the night life of the city takes place and where the musical groups perform. The other is New Farm renowned for shopping, for thickened locals on the Merthyr Street.
With the ETA Australia visa  you can go to Story Bridge, one of the symbolic attractions of Brisbane, the climb of a bridge that gives the opportunity to enjoy the panorama of the city peeking out all the corners.

E Visa Australia Story Bridge

If you plan to go for a walk or a ride, there is South Bank located on the banks of the Brisbane River, boasting lush parks, world-famous restaurants, stunning river views and hundreds of delicious events throughout the year. It is a place to relax.

If you want, you can tan, take an ice cream or take a bath on the beaches of Brisbane, located in the heart of the city, in the South Bank park. There are also artificial swimming pools open all year round and are rich in tropical vegetation.

If you are thirsty for culture, then you must go to the GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) located on the river bank, in the cultural district of South Bank in Brisbane. It is a leading institution for contemporary art in Australia, Asia and the Pacific.

ETA Australia Goma

What to eat in Brisbane

When you arrive in Australia with an ETA visa, you can try the typical dishes of Brisbane city, perhaps having dinner at the most famous and exclusive restaurant in Brisbane, Esquire, combining an “a la carte” menu with a good wine tasting.

You can also relax with a candlelit dinner on the river bank with fresh prawns or a barbecue.

You cannot miss the dessert: the famous dessert of Brisbane is the lamington, a cake made of cake dough, but enriched with butter and covered with chocolate icing and sprinkled with coconut rape.
You can also take a chocolate tasting tour in a dozen shops, or the craft beer tour in four small breweries of the town, each with a particular story, offering a tasting of about twenty craft beers.
Finally, for shopping lovers, Brisbane city offers the possibility of shopping in the collective markets, where you can find and buy new clothes by emerging artists, all accompanied by background music.

For travel information and how to apply for a tourist visa, ETA Australia or eVisitor, you can consult the page Australia visa insights


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