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E visa Australia : Exploring Eungella National Park and Agnes water e Town 1770

E Visa Australia Agnes water

Exploring the Eungella National Park and Agnes water e Town 1770

If you are confused between the wilderness and the clear blue ocean, Australia is a country that can offer you both the world’s in a trip. Yes, Eungella National Park and the Agnes water e Town 1770 are two places that has a lot in store for the forest and the surfing fanatics.

A 7 days trip that also includes the Capricorn Caves, Bundaberg, Noosa, or the Fraser Island should be ideal for you to visit Australia while on a leisure trip next time. However, before you head over to your dream destination in Australia, don’t forget to get the eVisitor Australia if you are a European citizen or Eta Australia if you are a non-European citizen, which are an authorizations to enter the country.

It’s an ETA that’s electronically connected to your passport and is valid for only business tours or leisure trips. All you need to do is apply for the ETA Visa online and it gets connected to your passport without the interference of any Visa officer or without any stamp on the passport.

Once you have acquired the Visa, it’s time you know more about these places.

Distance from Eungella National Forest to Agnes Water and the Cost

It’s 487kms to cover from Eungella National Park to Agnes Water, and the cheapest way to reach Agnes Water would be by driving. It would take around 9 hours and 26 minutes and cost anywhere between $75 and $110. But, if you are short on time and looking for the fastest route, it would be better for you to derive-fly-bus that would take 7 hours 28 minutes costing anywhere between $250 and $950.

Eungella National Park

e visa australia Eungella National Park

This National Park is a misty destination located among the forest-covered mountains seated atop the enclosing plains. It’s a retreat accommodating a wide variety of plans and wildlife. It’s easily one of the eco-friendliest parks in Queensland that offers just the right mix of adventure and relaxation in the serenity.

If you are someone who’s interested in the plants and the wildlife, you are sure to find the most distinct variants of them at the Eungella National Park. From the Eungella spiny cray or the Eungella dayfrog to the Mackay Tulip Oak, or the Eungella honeyeater, you can expect to come across many more such variants that you have only heard of till date.

It also offers some breathtaking views from the Pioneer Valley that includes the river pools and the rainforest channels. Nature lovers will have ample to enjoy their day along the Broken River or can simply choose to move around the river banks spending their day taking a peek of the platypus in the flowing river. For some added fun, you can even go for overnight camping along the peaceful river-side camping zone.

Agnes Water and 1770

E Visa Australia Agnes water sea

Agnes Water is definitely a mysterious neighbouring town of 1770 that’s not to be missed while travelling along the East Coast of Australia. While on your journey to Whitsunday from Fraser Island, you can stop by this town and take that much needed break in between.

E Visa Australia Town 1770

It’s a scenic coastal town that’s no less beautiful than the Airlie Beach in the north or the Noosa in the south. What’s best about Agnes Water is that it’s peaceful. It offers a great northerly surfing experience before you hit the Great Barrier Reef. Moreover, if you are exploring the destination in a campervan, there are many added perks.

Finding places to stay would not be tough as there are umpteen hotels and resorts with complete facilities. Additionally, you can also enjoy along the Wreck Rock campground located among the Deepwater National Park. You can access the Deepwater National Park through the southern entrance in campervans and vehicles that are non-4WD.

Try the famous fish and chips, or the tempting pies in the well-known restaurants lined up along the beach. You will love the fishing experience in a dinghy, get some surfing lessons, go diving or kayaking, and much more all at the Agnes Water.

Going on a leisure trip requires a whole lot of preparation in terms of knowing the place, the distance you are going to cover, the means of travelling, the local taste, and the cost that follows. Once you have knowledge of all the essential points and you have secured Australian visa online, all you need is to board the flight and look forward to an fun and adventurous trip ahead. For additional information, you can send an email via the contact form on the Australia-eta.com homepage


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