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Tropical North Queensland - A Trip Down the Daintree Rainforest,Kuranda, and Port Douglas

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Tropical North Queensland

Australia is one of the largest countries in the world that boasts all the natural beauty one can dream of in one single nation. From stunning landscapes, or fascinating Outback to beautiful beaches and of course, the tropical rainforests, it’s a country loved by most international tourists for its versatility.

So, if you are planning your next vacation to Australia and you are a fan of the wilds, taking a trip to the rainforests or the coral sea while you are in the Tropical North Queensland should be a great idea. While the world-heritage rainforests like the Daintree or the Kuranda make for a fascinating natural and eco-friendly trip, the route to Port Douglas along the scenic coastal roads adds to the excitement.

But, to visit Australia for tourism or business you need an ETA Visa. It’s an Electronic Visa which is an authorisation to enter the country and is electronically linked to your passport. You simply need to apply online for the ETA Australia and it gets electronically connected to your passport.

Now that you have secured the ETA Visa, your must-visit destinations in your travel journal should include the Daintree, Kuranda, and Port Douglas. Here’s what you would find interesting about these places.


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It’s a village located along the North West of Cairns amid the rainforests on the mountains. It’s a 45 minutes’ drive from Cairns to Kuranda.

The Heritage style Kuranda Scenic Train and the Kuranda Skyrail Cableway Gondolas are two of the most popular modes of transportation to reach the village. These conveyances offer the most scenic rides with different viewpoints to the rainforest, the Coral Sea, and the Barron Gorge.

ETA Australia - Kuranda Scenic Rail

While tourists can get a glimpse of some of the amazing views of the rainforests from the top via the Gondola, the train runs alongside the mountains talking about the railway line history and the reason why it was built. It’s a heavenly experience when you hear just the sound of the rainforests while riding the Gondola.

Once you reach the Kuranda village, you would notice a curious and unusual environment. What’s interesting here are the markets that boast beautiful arts, crafts, and tokens. From the Koala Gardens, or the Birdworld to the River Boat rides on the Barron River, it offers a bouquet of options to explore. Yes, Kuranda is also known for its rainforests offering a primitive culture, the Australian wildlife, and the most popular Amy Duck tour of the rainforests.

You can simply visit the village using one of the many modes of transportation and it will offer an environment suitable for all ages. It takes half day or a full day depending on which areas you want to visit and the choice is upto you.


Situated at the North of Cairns and the Port Douglas, it takes approximately 2.5 hours and 1. 5 hours respectively from Cairns and Port Douglas.

You can either drive down to Daintree or take a day tour along the coastal route. If you want to watch those Estuarine Crocodiles and take the River Cruise on the Daintree River lined with Mangroves and Rainforest, then this is just the ideal place for you.

Take a walking trail through the rainforests and you reach the Southern zone of the Daintree towards the Mossman Gorge. Beyond this you would notice the mountain water flowing down the gorge brimming with huge granite rocks and waterholes. You can also take a ride of the cable ferry to reach the other side of the Daintree and then to the Cape Tribulation and experience the rainforest meeting the sea, and untouched beaches.

Port Douglas

Eta Autralia Visa - Port-Douglas

Moving away from Cairns, it’s a quick one-hour drive down to Port Douglas. Full of golden beaches and highly exclusive resorts, you can expect a serene and relaxed environment for that much needed unwinding.

Eta Autralia - Port-douglas inland view

If you are wondering how long does it take to get an Australian visa so that you can visit these beautiful places, it’s as simple as black and white. Simply apply online for the ETA Visa and it gets connected to your passport automatically without the intervention of any officer or without any stamp on the passport.

When you reach the center of the village that is, Macrossan Street, you are welcomed with a string of snazzy restaurants cafes, bars, galleries, bookshops, and boutiques. From designer shopping to luxury spas you can choose to pamper yourself your way.

Enjoy the sunset at the fascinating Four-Mile Beach, visit the St. Mary’s by the Sea Chapel at the Anzac Park, take cruises to the Great Barrier Reef from the Marina Mirage, or go diving, water skiing or snorkelling along the beaches, you are spoilt for choices at Port Douglas that offers a perfect fun and adventure filled family holiday.

So, before you visit the rain forests or head over to the golden beaches of Port Douglas, know more about the wonderful facts about these places and enjoy your Australia trip to the fullest.

For more information, see our Australia Visa Application Guide. You will find information on how to apply for a visa, and on customs duties.


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