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Australian Waterfalls and the Unforgettable Experience

Eta Australia Waterfalls

The pristine beaches and the wildlife of Australia hides a lot more than eyes can meet. The national parks and the beaches house some of the world’s most stunning waterfalls and rock formation, and yes, these are natural.

So, if you are planning your next trip to Australia, these picturesque waterfalls can be easily among your travel itinerary. From swimming or bushwalking to flying or cruising, the Australian waterfalls are sure to offer that unforgettable experience to you this trip.

However, before you head over to the scenic country, you must have the ETA Visa Australia in place without which you would not be authorized to enter the country as a foreign national. All you need to do is to apply for it online and it gets linked to your passport automatically.

Now, that you have your ETA in place, let’s see which waterfalls in Australia are worth the visit.

Jim Jim Falls

Eta Australia jim jim falls

Situated in the Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory, it’s one of the leading attractions of the Australia. It’s also accompanied with its sister waterfalls, the Twin Falls in the proximity. Jim Jim falls originates from the rains during the monsoon and is at its best during the tropical summers that is, from November to March.

Wangi Falls

Eta Australia Wangi Falls

If you are travelling to the Northern Territory, Wangi Falls is a must visit. Located in the Litchfield National Park, it is open all through the year however, swimming may not be possible always due to the water levels. This nearly circular pool features a half concave rock face, below which the water flows on one side. One the other side there is peach-coloured sand which is a fantastic outcome of the water erosion for years on the neighbouring rocks.

Josephine Falls

Eta Australia Josephine falls

This picturesque fall has its own reasons to be popular among the instagrammers. This fall is a result of the granite boulder deposits close to Cairns situated within the Far North Queensland that’s home to waters with a unique turquoise hue. The waterfall cascades in layers allowing the simmers to swiftly slip into water over the sooth rock faces. It’s a quick one-hour drive from the Cairns which is a part of the Wooroonooran national Park. The falls are kept alive by the rains on the highest peak of Queensland.

King George Falls

Eta Australia King George Falls

It’s a fascinating sight in the Kimberly Region of Western Australia that features some of the most rugged peaks, exotic canyons, and the most confined wilderness of the world. Among this wilderness is located, possibly the most magnificent sights that is, the 80 meters tall rock faces of the King George Falls. The cliff seems to be chiselled by rushing water since, billion years and creates a magical view in a remote region.

Natural Bridge Falls

Eta Australia Natural Bridge

Among the several beautiful waterfalls in the Gold Coast region is the is this spectacular Natural Bridge that’s hidden in the Springbrook National Park. The rock formation that’s transformed into a curve by the waterfall pressure is a complete visual bliss over a basalt cave. You must not miss the colony of the microbats and the glow-worms in the proximity which is a sight to behold. Whether you visit on your own or take a guided tour, you can also take a quick tour of the Moran Falls among the wilderness of the O’Reilly rainforest within Lamington National Park.

There would be not many countries that’s home to a sizable number of picturesque waterfalls and Australia is definitely one of them. So, now that you know how long does Australian visa take and how to acquire one, taking a tour to these Australian waterfalls is just a flight away.


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The Ultimate Australian Cuisine Experience You Cannot Afford to Miss

Eta Australia Food

If you are planning your next trip to Australia for business or tourism, and if this is your firs time, you need a quick refresher about the country with pristine beaches and endless blue sky. It’s a magnificent landscape that offers ample beautiful location to explore along with a laid-back lifestyle.

But, among a new culture and environment, you must know what’s the best cuisine to satisfy your taste buds and that can help you keep going with your adventures. All thanks to immigration and the rising number of tourists, Australia is rejoicing an ever-growing assorted line of cuisine now.

However, before you get the opportunity to experience the exotic flavours of the island you must avail the ETA Australia without which you are not authorized to enter the country as a foreign national. All you need to do is to apply for the visa online and it gets linked to your passport automatically and you are ready to visit the country for business or tourism purpose.
Let’s dive into the world of sumptuous Australian cuisine that you cannot afford to miss.


Eta Australia vegemite

Just like the peanut butter is a popular breakfast table item in the United States, Vegemite, the salty brown spread is a favourite toast topping in Australia. Twenty million jars are sold every year and that’s about one jar per citizen!

Chiko Roll

Eta Australia Chiko Roll

This deep-fried stuff is closer to the Chinese spring roll which is a popular snack in Australia since 1950. This seems to be made in the similar manner as the spring roll and is primarily made of a mix of meat and veggies along with some spices. It’s mostly available as a takeaway and is best served with potato scallops and soft drinks.


Although the origin of Hamburger is not in Australia, their version with some offbeat ingredients make it a sure delicacy. Beef patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce, grilled onions, tomato sauce, beetroot, pineapple, a fried egg and bacon, are some of the essential ingredients that goes in to the massive treat.

Golden Gaytime

Eta Australia Golden Gaytime

If you are an ice-cream fanatic, then there’s no missing this summer treat, Golden Gaytime that’s popular since the 1960s. This ice-cream is one of the most sought after especially, the variants the Milky Paddle Pops and the fruity Splice. You can also lay your hands on the Weis Bars made of mango and cream concoctions and you are only left asking for more.

Iced VoVo

E Visa Australia Iced VoVo

If you are looking for a national taste, then there could be no better treat than Iced VoVo. It’s a biscuit topped with pink fondant, finely chopped coconut and raspberry jam. This iconic treat was launched by Arnott’s in the early 1900s that gained its popularity after the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s victory speech included the treat in 2007.

Meat Pies

Eta Australia Meat Pies

Meat pies are hands down one of the most sought-after afternoon lunch that keeps you going at the football pitch. These are mass produced by brands like Villi’s and Four ‘N Twenty. From the shepherd’s pie made of cheese, peas and bacon to a complete meat variant, there’s one for everyone’s taste.


Yes, Australians love Asian food and you are bound to find some kind of noodle recipe like the Aussie Chinese or the Aussie Thai that may taste even better than the authentic.

Flat White

Well, it’s a coffee that can be easily called the national drink for the Aussies. It’s a strange yet a unique flavour that features less milk than a latte and no froth of a cappuccino.

From Zucchini fritters, Yabbies, lobsters or the Weet-Bix to the plain innocent beer, Aussies have a lot to offer in terms of local cuisine that will make you come back to the country. Just make sure that you have applied for the Australian Visa online and there’s no stopping you from enjoying the Aussie delicacies.


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5 Best Outdoor Markets in Sydney for That Ultimate Shopping Pleasure

ETA Australia Markets in Sydney

Sydney’s outdoor markets are one of the best destinations you can explore as an avid shopper. The local markets offer a unique experience with the best bargains and some sunshine, while you catch up for some gossip and the local flavours in the relaxed afternoon. It’s undoubtedly a shopper’s paradise who take pleasure in unique food, fashion, and farmer markets.

But, before you plan your next trip to Australia to enjoy the ultimate shopping experience at the Sydney outdoor markets you must have a valid electronic Visa Australia. This is also called ETA Visa without which foreign resident is not allowed to enter the country. So, simply apply for it online and it gets linked to your passport electronically.

The Rocks Weekend Market

ETA Australia The Rocks Markets

Why visit here?

If you have seen those famous Sydney monuments in the postcards like the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Opera House, that’s where these markets are located at. The contemporary Sydney started off from this place and the market stretches along the stylish warehouses, and the streets full of cobblestones.
The markets easily blend into the neighbouring bars, restaurants, pubs, boutiques, the Museum of Contemporary Art and with that spectacular marina.

What to Buy?

Designer clothes, hats, and home items are the common stuff that you can bargain for. If you are a craft lover you can invest in the hanging souvenirs made from the Australian trees or get those hand-crafted chopping blocks smelling of fresh eucalyptus. In a hotter weather try the cooling lemonade.

Bondi Markets

Why visit here?

Just cross the road and you reach the Bondi market that smells of sunscreen and the surf as you explore the market. What’s interesting is the dress code that’s beachcomber casual. The stalls are located inside the Bondi Beach Public School that houses a comfy canteen for food and drink reminding you of your school days.

What to Buy?

Antique items, retro home wares, vintage garments and essential oils are some of the common buys you can watch out for. You can also look out for the farm fresh organic and vegetarian food, boutique trucks and eco food products.

Newtown Market

ETA Australia Newtown

Why visit here?

Although it’s an extremely small market where you wouldn’t take more than half an hour to look around, it’s still worth a visit to witness the alternative fashion of the town all at one place. From the young couples clad in in designer labels to the locals in shorts and barefoot, or the Busker’s and the street poets adding to the artistic environment of Newtown, there’s so much to explore. You can also relish Thai food or that taco or refreshing gelato as you explore the market.

What to buy?

This is the best place to invest in crafts by the local artisans made of well-polished old vinyl and more.

Glebe Markets

ETA Australia Glebe Markets

Why visit here?

The Glebe Markets is strategically placed in a massive school playground so that big kids can laze around with satay sticks, and more such food truck ideas. There’s usually some live music playing along offering that festival like feeling. This a place to sit, relax and watch people. You also get some pretty reasonable hostels around the Sydney University where you can meet up other students and travellers.

What to Buy?

Get a bargain on vintage clothing lay your hands on the used books, handicraft items, antiques vinyl items.

Rozelle Collectors Markets

ETA Australia rozelle collectorsmarket

Why visit here?

The market features shops run by locals like young friends who sell more for the experience than living. If you are interested in vintage garments and bric-a-brac, then you can get some real bargains at this relaxed market.

What to Buy?

You can buy designer and branded garments from the 90s and onwards. From a wide range of Barbie Dolls to varied dinnerware, tableware to elegant vintage kimonos, the place indeed has a lot to offer.
If your trip is majorly for some fun, shopping and entertainment in Australia, these 5 market places in Sydney are a must visit. So, get to know how long does it take to get an E Visa Australia, get it online and look forward to some exiting times in Sydney. For information on visa application procedures, you can consult the eVisitor Australia visa guide for European citizens. if you are not a European citizen, consult the guide to ETA Australia



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3 Days of Fun at the Brisbane e la Golden Coast (surf paradise)

E visa Australia Golden Coast

The surf paradise is indeed a heaven on earth for those interested in surfing. From the perfect surf breaks to the state-of-the-art amusement parks or the lush outback, the Gold Coast has some of the best surprises in store.

But, before you head over to your favourite destination, make sure that you have the electronic Visa Australia in place without which you are not authorized to enter the country. All you need to do is to apply online and it will be electronically linked to your passport.

Surfers Paradise also makes place for the surfers from where the you can visit the Snapper Rock, which is 45 minutes’ drive to the south. So, what’s in it for you at the Golden Coast? Let’s explore..

E Visa Australia surfer Gold Cost

What Can You Look Forward To?

The pristine beaches and the clear blue water calls for a relaxation tie along the beach. But, if you are interested in surfing, then there could be no better place than the surf paradise to learn some moves.

What more? You can also have some exciting time at the well-known theme parks or the amusements parks located close to the beach.

But, if you are more into wildlife, explore the lush wilderness of the rainforest that’s listed as a World Heritage.

Other Details

ETA Australia gold-coast

If you are travelling by road in a car, it would be a 90kms distance to cover from Gold Coast. If you want to explore the surf paradise properly 3 days should be good.

While the Gold Coast features some of the plush high-rises, beyond this shine there’s a scenic world to explore. From the relaxing beachside cafes or the beautiful waterfalls to the wineries or the theme parks for that added excitement, you can expect a world of thrill beyond the high-rises.

What’s To be Done in the 3Days?

Day 1: Get Sun Baked on the Main Beach

ETA Australia  Gold cost

In the morning you can get a cruiser bike that will help you to cover the Gold Coast’s series of beaches. You can hire one from a bike hire website and it will take 20 minutes from surf paradise to ride north towards the Main Beach. You can also take a break for quick swimming session or for a surf lesson. The beach is especially popular for its open surf break. You can then head to the string of cafes, restaurants, Tedder Avenue, or the boutiques. Recharge yourself with Australian breakfast and coffee at any of the cafes and the restaurants.

In the afternoon you can a 30minutes taxi drive to the Burleigh Heads. Find solace underneath the series of pines and palms on the beach, or simply take a quick stroll at the Burleigh Heads National Park. For lunch, you can try the American barbecue and brews at the Palm Beach.

Day 2: It’s All About Thrills at the Theme Parks

ETA Australia Dreamworld map

Perfect for the families, the Gold Coast’s theme parks feature the highest invasion ride in the Southern Hemisphere located at the Dreamworld. Make your kids swim with the dolphins and have fun watching the seals in the Sea World from as close as possible, or just have a cool soak in the huge wave pool at Wet ‘n’ Wild. For added fun you can also get up close with the koala at the Paradise country or spend some time with your favourite Warner Bros characters. For visiting more than one park, get the Mega Pass that will allow entry to all of the above.

For some rest and relaxation after all the morning thrill, you can unwind in a relaxing spa treatment before you head over to the evening markets that are functional only Sunday, Wednesday and Friday from 4pm to 9pm. For dinner, you can grab a bite at the Mermaid Beach or the Broadbeach.

Day 3: Delve into the Wild Beauty of the Rainforests at Lamington National Park

E Visa Australia Lamington National Park

Take an eco-tour by car to the famous rainforests of the Gold Coast outback that’s listed as a World Heritage and is just an hour’s drive from the Surf Paradise. Take a stroll in the National Park or visit a cave to experience the Natural Bridge Waterfall in Springbrook. You can then move ahead to enjoy the lunch by the creek.

E Visa Australia Springbrook National Park

In the afternoon you can enjoy the sunset over the Rainbow Bay and then move on to eat a sumptuous dinner with delicious burgers or the freshly made gelato.

So, grab your surf board and head over to the pristine beaches of the surf paradise. The Gold Coats in Australia is a must visit for the surfing lovers and those who take solace in the wilderness or want to have some fun. Simply get your eVisitor Australia online (if you are a European citizen ) or ETA Australia (if you are a Canadian or American citizen), and head over to your favourite destination.


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E Visa Australia : Sunshine Coast

Eta Australia sunshine-coast

All you Need to Know about the Noosa e la Sunshine Coast

One of the most acclaimed regions in Australia is the Sunshine Coast. It boasts of virgin beaches, attractive outback wildlife, delicious food, and much more. It’s the destination offering a perfect mix of fun, adventure, and relaxation.

However, before you plan to hit the Sunshine Coast in Australia, you need to get the Australian visa online to be allowed to enter the country. You need to apply for the ETA Visa online and it gets electronically linked to your passport. The best part is, neither do you need an officer to intervene in this matter, nor do you need a stamp on your passport. ETA Visa is valid only for business and tourism purposes. If you are an EU citizen you will need an evisitor visa or if you are an American or Canadian citizen you will need an ETA both cases you can consult the guide to E Visa Australia

Now that you have the Visa in place, let’s know more about your Sunshine Coast visit.

Things to do at the Sunshine Coast

  • Although there are endless options to explore on this sunny beach, you can also try a few of these things:
    Take a walk along the Coolum BoardWalk watching the stunning views of the coats while having a quick glimpse of the migrating Whales, especially between the months of June and November. You can also choose to stroll along the Caloundra’s Coastal Walk lined with the attractive cafes along its beautiful beaches.
  • Board a river cruise and have fun watching the picturesque view along. You can get one from any of the beaches viz., Noosa, Caloundra, Mooloolaba, and Maroochydore.

Best beaches to watch for

  1. Mooloolaba Beach – It’s a wonder beach covered with white sand and is mostly visited by families.ETA Australia Mooloolaba Beach
  2. Kings Beach – This beach is perfect for the families complete with swimming pool and time-delayed water fountains for the children.ETA Australia kings beach
  3. Moffat Beach – This beach is just right for those long beach walks with your pet and have some  refreshments at the cafes and the restaurants located in the proximity. ETA Australia Moffat beach
  4. Coolum Beach – If you are someone who loves surfing and golfing, then this is just the right place for you. Try your golfing expertise at the most relaxing atmosphere.   ETA Australia Coolum Beachbeach
  5. Rainbow Beach – Go further north in Gympie and you’ll find this beach that’s worth the drive. Explore the areas amazing natural wonders while drive along. ETA Australia Rainbow Beach
  6. Peregian Beach – If you are looking for some coastal fun away from the crowd, then you are at the right place. ETA Australia Peregian beach
  7. Noosa Main Beach – This north facing beach is for those with a penchant for swimming and long board riders.  ETA Australia noosa beach

How to get to the Sunshine Coast?

You can book a flight with Jetstar, Qantas or Virgin Australia from the cities Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. You can also take the Air New Zealand from Auckland. But, if you are planning to drive down from Brisbane, it will take an hour and a half to the Sunshine Coast. Those who prefer a train over other modes of transport, you can get board from Brisbane to different stations in the Sunshine Coast.

What’s in Noosa?

Hastings Street in Noosa is the shopper’s paradise that’s located just a few steps away from the beach. The street is filled with fashion boutique’s and stylish restaurants. From casual restaurants to those run by the celebrity chefs, the eateries are something to watch out for. Try the Betty’s Burgers, Wasabi, or the Wood Fire Grill that offer a great dining experience with some sumptuous food.

If you are planning to stay at Noosa, it has a wide range of hotels to offer for all budget preferences. From resorts, five-star hotels to the budget stays it has it all. While in Noosa there’s no missing the Noosa National Park that offers a stunning coastal view with loads of native wildlife of Australia.

Noosa e la Sunshine Coast is the perfect destination for the fun lovers who are seeking that right mix of the sunny beaches with the Australian wildlife. So, now that you know how long does it take to get an Australian Visa, simply apply for it online and look forward to a great time.



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