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3 Days of Fun at the Brisbane e la Golden Coast (surf paradise)

E visa Australia Golden Coast

The surf paradise is indeed a heaven on earth for those interested in surfing. From the perfect surf breaks to the state-of-the-art amusement parks or the lush outback, the Gold Coast has some of the best surprises in store.

But, before you head over to your favourite destination, make sure that you have the electronic Visa Australia in place without which you are not authorized to enter the country. All you need to do is to apply online and it will be electronically linked to your passport.

Surfers Paradise also makes place for the surfers from where the you can visit the Snapper Rock, which is 45 minutes’ drive to the south. So, what’s in it for you at the Golden Coast? Let’s explore..

E Visa Australia surfer Gold Cost

What Can You Look Forward To?

The pristine beaches and the clear blue water calls for a relaxation tie along the beach. But, if you are interested in surfing, then there could be no better place than the surf paradise to learn some moves.

What more? You can also have some exciting time at the well-known theme parks or the amusements parks located close to the beach.

But, if you are more into wildlife, explore the lush wilderness of the rainforest that’s listed as a World Heritage.

Other Details

ETA Australia gold-coast

If you are travelling by road in a car, it would be a 90kms distance to cover from Gold Coast. If you want to explore the surf paradise properly 3 days should be good.

While the Gold Coast features some of the plush high-rises, beyond this shine there’s a scenic world to explore. From the relaxing beachside cafes or the beautiful waterfalls to the wineries or the theme parks for that added excitement, you can expect a world of thrill beyond the high-rises.

What’s To be Done in the 3Days?

Day 1: Get Sun Baked on the Main Beach

ETA Australia  Gold cost

In the morning you can get a cruiser bike that will help you to cover the Gold Coast’s series of beaches. You can hire one from a bike hire website and it will take 20 minutes from surf paradise to ride north towards the Main Beach. You can also take a break for quick swimming session or for a surf lesson. The beach is especially popular for its open surf break. You can then head to the string of cafes, restaurants, Tedder Avenue, or the boutiques. Recharge yourself with Australian breakfast and coffee at any of the cafes and the restaurants.

In the afternoon you can a 30minutes taxi drive to the Burleigh Heads. Find solace underneath the series of pines and palms on the beach, or simply take a quick stroll at the Burleigh Heads National Park. For lunch, you can try the American barbecue and brews at the Palm Beach.

Day 2: It’s All About Thrills at the Theme Parks

ETA Australia Dreamworld map

Perfect for the families, the Gold Coast’s theme parks feature the highest invasion ride in the Southern Hemisphere located at the Dreamworld. Make your kids swim with the dolphins and have fun watching the seals in the Sea World from as close as possible, or just have a cool soak in the huge wave pool at Wet ‘n’ Wild. For added fun you can also get up close with the koala at the Paradise country or spend some time with your favourite Warner Bros characters. For visiting more than one park, get the Mega Pass that will allow entry to all of the above.

For some rest and relaxation after all the morning thrill, you can unwind in a relaxing spa treatment before you head over to the evening markets that are functional only Sunday, Wednesday and Friday from 4pm to 9pm. For dinner, you can grab a bite at the Mermaid Beach or the Broadbeach.

Day 3: Delve into the Wild Beauty of the Rainforests at Lamington National Park

E Visa Australia Lamington National Park

Take an eco-tour by car to the famous rainforests of the Gold Coast outback that’s listed as a World Heritage and is just an hour’s drive from the Surf Paradise. Take a stroll in the National Park or visit a cave to experience the Natural Bridge Waterfall in Springbrook. You can then move ahead to enjoy the lunch by the creek.

E Visa Australia Springbrook National Park

In the afternoon you can enjoy the sunset over the Rainbow Bay and then move on to eat a sumptuous dinner with delicious burgers or the freshly made gelato.

So, grab your surf board and head over to the pristine beaches of the surf paradise. The Gold Coats in Australia is a must visit for the surfing lovers and those who take solace in the wilderness or want to have some fun. Simply get your eVisitor Australia online (if you are a European citizen ) or ETA Australia (if you are a Canadian or American citizen), and head over to your favourite destination.


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E Visa Australia : Sunshine Coast

Eta Australia sunshine-coast

All you Need to Know about the Noosa e la Sunshine Coast

One of the most acclaimed regions in Australia is the Sunshine Coast. It boasts of virgin beaches, attractive outback wildlife, delicious food, and much more. It’s the destination offering a perfect mix of fun, adventure, and relaxation.

However, before you plan to hit the Sunshine Coast in Australia, you need to get the Australian visa online to be allowed to enter the country. You need to apply for the ETA Visa online and it gets electronically linked to your passport. The best part is, neither do you need an officer to intervene in this matter, nor do you need a stamp on your passport. ETA Visa is valid only for business and tourism purposes. If you are an EU citizen you will need an evisitor visa or if you are an American or Canadian citizen you will need an ETA both cases you can consult the guide to E Visa Australia

Now that you have the Visa in place, let’s know more about your Sunshine Coast visit.

Things to do at the Sunshine Coast

  • Although there are endless options to explore on this sunny beach, you can also try a few of these things:
    Take a walk along the Coolum BoardWalk watching the stunning views of the coats while having a quick glimpse of the migrating Whales, especially between the months of June and November. You can also choose to stroll along the Caloundra’s Coastal Walk lined with the attractive cafes along its beautiful beaches.
  • Board a river cruise and have fun watching the picturesque view along. You can get one from any of the beaches viz., Noosa, Caloundra, Mooloolaba, and Maroochydore.

Best beaches to watch for

  1. Mooloolaba Beach – It’s a wonder beach covered with white sand and is mostly visited by families.ETA Australia Mooloolaba Beach
  2. Kings Beach – This beach is perfect for the families complete with swimming pool and time-delayed water fountains for the children.ETA Australia kings beach
  3. Moffat Beach – This beach is just right for those long beach walks with your pet and have some  refreshments at the cafes and the restaurants located in the proximity. ETA Australia Moffat beach
  4. Coolum Beach – If you are someone who loves surfing and golfing, then this is just the right place for you. Try your golfing expertise at the most relaxing atmosphere.   ETA Australia Coolum Beachbeach
  5. Rainbow Beach – Go further north in Gympie and you’ll find this beach that’s worth the drive. Explore the areas amazing natural wonders while drive along. ETA Australia Rainbow Beach
  6. Peregian Beach – If you are looking for some coastal fun away from the crowd, then you are at the right place. ETA Australia Peregian beach
  7. Noosa Main Beach – This north facing beach is for those with a penchant for swimming and long board riders.  ETA Australia noosa beach

How to get to the Sunshine Coast?

You can book a flight with Jetstar, Qantas or Virgin Australia from the cities Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. You can also take the Air New Zealand from Auckland. But, if you are planning to drive down from Brisbane, it will take an hour and a half to the Sunshine Coast. Those who prefer a train over other modes of transport, you can get board from Brisbane to different stations in the Sunshine Coast.

What’s in Noosa?

Hastings Street in Noosa is the shopper’s paradise that’s located just a few steps away from the beach. The street is filled with fashion boutique’s and stylish restaurants. From casual restaurants to those run by the celebrity chefs, the eateries are something to watch out for. Try the Betty’s Burgers, Wasabi, or the Wood Fire Grill that offer a great dining experience with some sumptuous food.

If you are planning to stay at Noosa, it has a wide range of hotels to offer for all budget preferences. From resorts, five-star hotels to the budget stays it has it all. While in Noosa there’s no missing the Noosa National Park that offers a stunning coastal view with loads of native wildlife of Australia.

Noosa e la Sunshine Coast is the perfect destination for the fun lovers who are seeking that right mix of the sunny beaches with the Australian wildlife. So, now that you know how long does it take to get an Australian Visa, simply apply for it online and look forward to a great time.



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Hervey Bay : Rainbow beach e Fraser Island

Eta Australia - Hervey Bay

For those of you wanting to travel to Fraser Island in Australia, it’s definitely worth your money. It is hands down one of the most important attractions in the country, however, with a little hiccup in the internet connection and other distractions.

Your tour to Fraser Island can be a day long or a for a week, all depends on the time you can devote. From buses, or self-drive to 4WD buses, the mode of transport can be anything based on your convenience. You can then head over to three destinations that are a must visit in Fraser Island – Hervey Bay, Rainbow Beach, and Noosa.

E visa Australia Fraser island

An overnight trip to Fraser Island is recommended over a day trip, because your half the day is wasted in freeing yourself from the sand. So, if you want to explore and experience the Fraser Island properly, a 3days and 2nights trip is much preferred.

However, before you plan a trip to the Fraser Island make sure that you have the ETA Visa without which you would not be allowed to enter Australia. It’s an authorization that is electronically connected to your passport and is valid for business, and tourism purpose. So, simply apply for it online and get the Visa connected to your passport without the needs of any passport official or any stamp.

E visa Australia Beach-Fraser

How to get to Fraser Island?

Hiring a campervan won’t be a great idea because most rental companies don’t allow you to hire a 4WD vehicle to take a tour of the island. So, if you are interested in driving around the island, tag-along tour would be a great idea.

Tag-along tours are a mix of guided and self-guided tours. This consists of a lead car driven by the tour guide and you follow the guide driving another car behind, while the tag-alongs are in the 4WD cars. If you want to get the right balance of fun, relaxation, and adventure, this is one of the best ways to take a tour of Fraser Island.

Accommodation on the Island

From putting up camps for an adventurous stay to relaxing in the luxurious resorts, you have all kind of accommodation choices on the island, of course, based on your budget. You can also opt to stay in a hostel accommodation with 8 share dorms and en-suites. To experience the nature while you are staying in the building, you can enjoy the camping experiences or the camp fires arranged by thee tour co-ordinators offering you the nature’s experience.

Moreover, if you are planning a trip with tour companies make sure that you check with them who are your company. Tour companies usually target a specific age range and so, you may find yourself with people who are not of your age, or rather from a different generation altogether. Always double check with the tour companies about the package so that you do not end up adventure if you are looking for relaxation, or vice versa.

E Visa Australia Noosa beach

Costs Associated

The cost will majorly depend on the total days of the tour selected and the type of accommodation. However, your budget will also vary depending on what type of trip you choose like if it’s a day trip, overnight trip, guided, or tag-along. It’s important to check if there are any hidden charges as there can be additional cost for carrying luggage, ferry transfers, or local expenses.

If you are planning for your next trip to Australia, Fraser Island is definitely a must visit with the Hervey Bay and the Rainbow Bach as the key highlights. So now that you know how long does Australian visa take, simply get it today by applying online and look forward to a super adventure in Australia.


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E visa Australia : Exploring Eungella National Park and Agnes water e Town 1770

E Visa Australia Agnes water

Exploring the Eungella National Park and Agnes water e Town 1770

If you are confused between the wilderness and the clear blue ocean, Australia is a country that can offer you both the world’s in a trip. Yes, Eungella National Park and the Agnes water e Town 1770 are two places that has a lot in store for the forest and the surfing fanatics.

A 7 days trip that also includes the Capricorn Caves, Bundaberg, Noosa, or the Fraser Island should be ideal for you to visit Australia while on a leisure trip next time. However, before you head over to your dream destination in Australia, don’t forget to get the eVisitor Australia if you are a European citizen or Eta Australia if you are a non-European citizen, which are an authorizations to enter the country.

It’s an ETA that’s electronically connected to your passport and is valid for only business tours or leisure trips. All you need to do is apply for the ETA Visa online and it gets connected to your passport without the interference of any Visa officer or without any stamp on the passport.

Once you have acquired the Visa, it’s time you know more about these places.

Distance from Eungella National Forest to Agnes Water and the Cost

It’s 487kms to cover from Eungella National Park to Agnes Water, and the cheapest way to reach Agnes Water would be by driving. It would take around 9 hours and 26 minutes and cost anywhere between $75 and $110. But, if you are short on time and looking for the fastest route, it would be better for you to derive-fly-bus that would take 7 hours 28 minutes costing anywhere between $250 and $950.

Eungella National Park

e visa australia Eungella National Park

This National Park is a misty destination located among the forest-covered mountains seated atop the enclosing plains. It’s a retreat accommodating a wide variety of plans and wildlife. It’s easily one of the eco-friendliest parks in Queensland that offers just the right mix of adventure and relaxation in the serenity.

If you are someone who’s interested in the plants and the wildlife, you are sure to find the most distinct variants of them at the Eungella National Park. From the Eungella spiny cray or the Eungella dayfrog to the Mackay Tulip Oak, or the Eungella honeyeater, you can expect to come across many more such variants that you have only heard of till date.

It also offers some breathtaking views from the Pioneer Valley that includes the river pools and the rainforest channels. Nature lovers will have ample to enjoy their day along the Broken River or can simply choose to move around the river banks spending their day taking a peek of the platypus in the flowing river. For some added fun, you can even go for overnight camping along the peaceful river-side camping zone.

Agnes Water and 1770

E Visa Australia Agnes water sea

Agnes Water is definitely a mysterious neighbouring town of 1770 that’s not to be missed while travelling along the East Coast of Australia. While on your journey to Whitsunday from Fraser Island, you can stop by this town and take that much needed break in between.

E Visa Australia Town 1770

It’s a scenic coastal town that’s no less beautiful than the Airlie Beach in the north or the Noosa in the south. What’s best about Agnes Water is that it’s peaceful. It offers a great northerly surfing experience before you hit the Great Barrier Reef. Moreover, if you are exploring the destination in a campervan, there are many added perks.

Finding places to stay would not be tough as there are umpteen hotels and resorts with complete facilities. Additionally, you can also enjoy along the Wreck Rock campground located among the Deepwater National Park. You can access the Deepwater National Park through the southern entrance in campervans and vehicles that are non-4WD.

Try the famous fish and chips, or the tempting pies in the well-known restaurants lined up along the beach. You will love the fishing experience in a dinghy, get some surfing lessons, go diving or kayaking, and much more all at the Agnes Water.

Going on a leisure trip requires a whole lot of preparation in terms of knowing the place, the distance you are going to cover, the means of travelling, the local taste, and the cost that follows. Once you have knowledge of all the essential points and you have secured Australian visa online, all you need is to board the flight and look forward to an fun and adventurous trip ahead. For additional information, you can send an email via the contact form on the homepage


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Trip to Australia: Guide to the Mission Beach - Airlie Beach at the Whitsundays Island

ETA Australia whitsunday islands

If you are a backpacker heading to Australia, chances are that Whitsundays is on the top of your list. Made of a collection of 74 mesmerizing islands, it’s located away from the central coast of Queensland that forms a section of the Great Barrier Reef. These islands are mostly national parks and chief tourist attractions that makes way to the coral reefs. Here you can relax along the pristine beaches, or take a dive in the clear sea water, and even try snorkeling.

However, before you head over to Australia for a lifetime experience, you need the e visa Australia to be authorized to enter the country. This ETA Visa is electronically connected to your passport, so you do not need any VISA officer to authorize it or require any stamp on the passport. This VISA is specifically for business and tourism purpose. So, simply apply for it online and get ready for that fun trip to Whitsundays Island in Australia.

The best way to visit the islands would be through a multi-day sailing trip where they take you from one island to another, and you sleep on the sailboat with mono-haul. While it’s a splendid experience travelling in that mono-haul sailboat, you can also have some added fun diving in the sea.

How to reach Whitsundays?

E Visa Australia Airlie Beach

You can reach Whitsundays using the route from Airlie Beach that’s located on the East Coast of Australia’s Queensland. If you take a flight direct from Hamilton Island it turns out to be much cheaper followed by a one hour ferry to the Airlie Beach.

Backpackers usually find base in the small, yet beautiful beach side town of Airlie Beach that gives those party vibes. From here, you can access the Whitsundays.


ETA Australia whitsunday islands Hotel

Hostels– The islands do not have any hostels, but instead have more of hotels for accommodation, or you can prefer to sail around on the boats for an exquisite feel.

Budget Hotels – the hotels on most of the larger islands are not for those looking for accommodation in a budget. These are rather resorts and are on the expensive side costing around 200AUD per night.

If you are looking for budget options, you can choose to sail using a boat that includes food and accommodation while offering an exquisite experience altogether. While a 2 days 2 nights package starts from 450 AUD, a 3 days 2 nights trip would start from 540 AUD.

If you want to save some money on the accommodation part, try booking the packages through Airbnb where you can book a private room starting at 72 AUD, or a compete home for around 100 AUD.


For those who choose the sailing tours, food is served on the boat. But, if you are on your own, you can buy food from the hotels and resorts at a considerably higher cost. Well, majority of the meals start at a price of 20 AUD.


If you are in for that sailing trip, you can take that boat from the Airlie Beach that leaves daily and often includes meals. Whether you take a short or a long tour it’s upto you, but a 2 days 2 nights trip starts at a price of approximately 450AUD.

How to save some bucks while travelling around the Mission Beach/Airlie Beach?

E Visa Australia mission beach region

  1. If you are planning to visit just a single island, you can try the ferries in that case. But, given that there are mainly luxury resorts on the bigger islands, it would be a better idea to get boat cruise and save some extra bucks. Yes, and it’s exciting too!
  2. If you are not on a day trip on larger boats featuring those licensed bars, you can carry your own alcohol on the boat. However, you must consider that not all boats allow glasses. You can instead get a box of goon to stay in the budget.
  3. Considering that accommodation in Australia is pretty expensive, you can find some really cool Couchsurfing hosts all across the country by planning a little ahead. You will not just get a play to stay but, will also get the company of a local host to guide you through the place.
  4. There are around 21 campgrounds on all the islands, to be precise. So, if you are an outdoor person, all you need is a permit for camping at around 8 AUD per night. But, you would need a boat of your own to reach these locations
    with your own food.

So, if you have already uploaded your evisitor application online, all you need is the ETA Visa in hand and you are ready to hit the Whitsundays Islands for unlimited fun. For detailed information on how to apply for a E Visa Australia, you can contact us by sending an email through the form on the home page


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