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Useful information to request an ETA Australia visa - tourist or business

ETA Australia Visa - Short guide

The acronym ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601). It is an eVisa (Australia electronic visa) dedicated to travelers with citizenship of one of the following countries:


Countries eligible for ETA eVisa Australia


The Australian ETA visa allows you to visit Australia as a tourist or business men, has a duration of 1 year with a maximum stay of 3 months for each trip. The ETA Australia visa allows multiple entries. With ETA Australia it is possible to return to Australia several times during the period of validity .

The characteristics of the ETA Australia are:

ETA Australia Visa Tourist 

With the tourist version of the Australia ETA visa you can:

  • Visit Australia as a tourist
  • Visit friends and relatives who are resident in Australia
  • Follow courses of study for a maximum duration of 3 months

ETA Australia Visa Business 

With this variant of ETA Australia Visa you can:

  • Start commercial research at Australian companies for future corporate collaborations
  • Start an investigation to look for a future job and for a definitive transfer.
  • Negotiate, sign or review business or employment contracts
  • Attend conferences and seminars only if you are not paid by the organizers for participation

As indicated, an ETA Australia visa is valid for 1 year with a maximum stay of 3 months, but if you are already in Australia with a valid ETA visa (subclass 601), and you need to stay on Australian territory for a longer period of time of those allowed, it is possible to extend the lenght of stay by requesting another type of visa, such as a tourist visa, Visitor Visa (subclass 600).

Conditions required to obtain a ETA Australia Visa 

You can apply for an ETA Australia if:

  • Do you have a passport appropriate to the request. Depends on the country of citizenship
  • You travel to Australia as a tourist or for general business
  • At the time of the request you are outside the australian territory
  • If you are not sick with tuberculosis
    you have no criminal convictions for crimes whose penalty is 12 or more months in prison. If you have had a criminal conviction, you should apply for a Visitor Visa (subclass 600) rather than an ETA Australia. If you arrive with an Australian ETA visa with a criminal conviction charged, you could be refused upon arrival on Australian territory, and sent back.

Important: With Australian ETA visa, you can't work absolutely. For this purpose, you must submit another type of visa to Australia (eg Working Holiday Visa or Student Visa).

A Australia ETA Visa is electronically linked to the passport number that you used to complete the application. There will be no physical stamp or label attached to the passport. If you receive approval, the visa specifications and its actual presence will be accessible and viewed by the airline's ground staff at the time of check-in. If the ETA Australia visa does not appear on the terminal at the time of boarding, you will not be allowed to board, and in this case the staff can forward an urgent request with an additional cost. If the passport used for the ETA Australia application changes for any reason before departure, a new Australia ETA visa is required.

E-visa ETA Australia : Request Online

On our site You can submit your online visa application for Australia ETA in a simple and quick way, filling in the form "Request ETA Australia Visa".
In the application form, you must enter all the necessary information, indicate if you are requesting a tourist visa or business, personal information, passport data and address of residence (which must be strictly outside of australian territory )and finally to answer questions concerning the criminal record. We recommend that you enter the data that correspond to the reality and try not to make mistakes.

Providing false data is a crime. You can be criminally denounced

Example Viewed Australia ETA validated, sent by mail

 Example ETA Australia

If you already have a valid ETA Australia Visa and apply for another ETA (ex.the first one is about to expire or because an error in filling out the application has been committed),if the second request submitted is approved, it automatically cancels the previous ETA Australia Visa and replaces it.

Steps for requesting tourist ETA Australia Visa (or Business)

Now let's list the various steps for submitting the ETA Australia Visa

  • The online request must be made by completing the appropriate application form ETA Australia
  • You have to fill out a single application ETA Australia visa for each member of the family (including children) or for each person of the group with which you travel, a single application ETA Australia visa
  • Once the application is complete and the request is sent you will receive an email with the details of the request itself
  • Wait up!! the reply will be sent by e-mail(make sure you have written the address correctly).75% of the requests are processed in a few hours, while the remaining part it's necessary to wait for up to a maximum of 3 working days. For a fraction of the requests, the final decision can come even after many days if additional information is required by the authorities, such as statements, business documents, bank account statements, photos, and so on. In this case our staff will inform you promptly.
  • If your ETA Australia visa is approved, you will receive in your mail box, a letter with the subject line "ETA-eVisitor Document" in which are indicated all the conditions of the ETA Australia and attached a paper copy of the approved visa . Keep this copy, it contains :
    • The concession number of your ETA Australia Visa
    • The date of validity for your ETA Australia
    • The conditions to which you must comply for the ETA Australia

In some cases the ETA Australia request is not accepted and the visa refused.In this case you will receive an email with the reasons for the refusal.The only chance you have left to get a travel visa for Australia is to go to the nearest Australian consulate or embassy

Important: To avoid problems, due to delays in the granting of the eVisitor visa Australia, it is always good apply for the visa, at least 72 hours prior to departure.The e-Visa for Australia must be put on top of the list for organizing the trip.


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