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e-Visa Australia: Tourist or business VISA

Australia Visa Request Guide

  ETA Australia - Australia Visa Guide

Information needed to request a Tourist Visa for Australia or a Business Visa

This guide is a summary of everything that can be useful to know to request a Visa to Australia.
We will inform the travellers on the following topics:

  • Obligations to be met for the trip to Australia
  • Process of applying for a Australia Visa
  • Preparation of luggage and customs restrictions

We will focus on Visa for Australia ETA and Visa for Australia eVisitor. Inside the guide is also included a brief description of the most important visas for Australia.

Visa for Australia: Your first step

When you decide to visit Australia, before planning the trip (e.g. booking of transport and accommodation facilities), you need to apply for a entry permit, which is mandatory to start out. In a few words you must get a valid Australian Visa. You have to figure out which type of visa to Australia you need, according to your needs.
Do you would to go to Australia for a holiday, for work, for medical care or are you thinking of living there?

Do you know what are the requirements to get your Visa to Australia? What are the requirement attached to the Australia visa? Are you aware of the obligations to which you are subjected when you're on Australian territory?

We will try to give an answer to these questions.

Which electronic visa (E-visa Australia) should I request?

If you are going to Australia for tourism or business (according to certain conditions which we will denote later on), the right choice of the type of visa for Australia depends on your country of citizenship and can fall back on two specific types:

Visa eVisitor Australia - Short Guide

Australia visa eVisitor (subclass 651) is aimed at travelers in possession of a passport issued by one of the following european countries:


eligible countries E-visa eVisitor Australia

The eVisitor Australia Visa is valid for 1 year and allows a period of stay up to three months on australian soil. With the eVisitor Australia you have the chance to enter on the territory several times during its validity and stay in Australia for Up to 3 months at a time.

The visa eVisitor Australia has two variants, eVisitor tourist and eVisitor Business. Let's see in detail the difference:

Tourist eVisa (Electronic Visa) eVisitor Australia 

With the tourist visa for Australia eVisitor, you can:

  • Visit the country as a tourist
  • Visit friends and relatives, who are residents of Australia
  • Follow courses of study with a maximum duration of 3 months

Business eVisa (Electronic Visa) eVisitor Australia 

With eVisitor Australia visa business you can:

  • Initiate market surveys with local businesses for future partnerships, to sign or negotiate contracts of employment
  • To undertake research on the spot for a possible transfer in Australia, including the search of a job and a home.
  • Participate in seminars, conferences and trade shows, provided that you do not receive a monetary reward.

With the eVisitor Australia visa (tourism or business) is possible to carry out the activity of voluntary work, if:

  • The main purpose of visiting Australia is tourism and voluntary work is a consequence of this visit.
  • For unpaid voluntary service: it is expected only reimbursement of expenses that may include meals, accommodation, transport.
  • Voluntary work cannot be undertaken by a regular paid Australian resident (that is, if the work paid to a local resident is removed).

Important: you can't work with the tourist eVisa for Australia eVisitor and with the business eVisa Australia eVisitor. For this purpose are available other types of Visas.


Characteristics and request of the eVisitor Australia Visa

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ETA Australia Visa - Short guide

The acronym ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601). It is an eVisa (Australia electronic visa) dedicated to travelers with citizenship of one of the following countries:


Countries eligible for ETA eVisa Australia


The Australian ETA visa allows you to visit Australia as a tourist or business men, has a duration of 1 year with a maximum stay of 3 months for each trip. The ETA Australia visa allows multiple entries. With ETA Australia it is possible to return to Australia several times during the period of validity .

The characteristics of the ETA Australia are:

ETA Australia Visa Tourist 

With the tourist version of the Australia ETA visa you can:

  • Visit Australia as a tourist
  • Visit friends and relatives who are resident in Australia
  • Follow courses of study for a maximum duration of 3 months

ETA Australia Visa Business 

With this variant of ETA Australia Visa you can:

  • Start commercial research at Australian companies for future corporate collaborations
  • Start an investigation to look for a future job and for a definitive transfer.
  • Negotiate, sign or review business or employment contracts
  • Attend conferences and seminars only if you are not paid by the organizers for participation

As indicated, an ETA Australia visa is valid for 1 year with a maximum stay of 3 months, but if you are already in Australia with a valid ETA visa (subclass 601), and you need to stay on Australian territory for a longer period of time of those allowed, it is possible to extend the lenght of stay by requesting another type of visa, such as a tourist visa, Visitor Visa (subclass 600).

Conditions required to obtain a ETA Australia Visa 

You can apply for an ETA Australia if:

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