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Electronic VISA Australia


We publish some questions that were posed by mail from our customers in respect to the ETA visa for Australia.

  • How long can I stay in Australia?

The ETA will allow you to stay in Australia for a maximum of three months for each visit.

  • Can I include my family in an application?

No. All members of family must have a separate authorization ETA. Even if your children travel on your passport, they will need an individual ETA application.

  • In how much time I'll have my permission?

Almost all cases, permission will be granted soon. In some cases you may have a wait maximum 24 hour.

  • What can I do if I make a mistake in my application?

You will have the opportunity to check your data before you make the payment. If you find you have made a mistake after performing the transaction you can make a new application (with new payment).

  • What happens if the application has not been approved?

If your application is not approved, you must go to embassy or consulate of the Australian Government.

  • What validity has my ETA?

Your authorization must be submitted before your departure for Australia, we recommend submitting your application at least 72 hours before departure.
The application is valid for 1 year.
ETA authorization is valid for 12 months from its date of issue or until your passport expires, whichever is earlier. During this time you can get in Australia whenever you want.
You can stay in Australia for a maximum of three months on each visit.

  • I don't receive my ETA documents

Please check your "Spam", "Bulk Mail" or "Junk email" folder . If you find our email there, select the confirmation message and click "This is Not Spam". This will help you future messages (for example ETA documents) to get through.

Click here for further info.

  • I’m British citizen and I want to visit Australia as a tourist. I need to apply for a visa to Australia ETA - eVisitor?

If you want to travel to the Australian territory for vacation, it is obligatory to request an ETA for Australia. This visa is dedicated to all citizens of the European community. The list of countries eligible for this visa is on the homepage.

  • What are the differences between ETA visa for Australia and eVisitor visa for Australia?

Both are tourists visas. The Australia ETA visa is for citizens with passports of certain countries including Japan, the US, South Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia. The Visa for Australia eVisitor is dedicated to all citizens with a passport issued by a country of the European community. The conditions for the two visas are similar.

  • Is it hard to ask for a business or tourist visa to Australia?

It is easy to request a tourist visa for Australia, both for ETA visa and for visa eVisitor. Just fill in the online application form with all required data correctly and we will send VISA to you as soon as possible.

  • How long do I need to wait for an answer, after submitting the request for a visa to Australia?

You can get an answer in a short time. Often you receive a response within a few hours. It is advisable to submit your visa application to Australia at least 2 weeks before departure, this is because not all requests are processed the same day.They can also spend 10 days to receive the approval of the visa to Australia.

  • I cannot print my visa for Australia received via e-mail, what should I do?

You do not have to show the hard copy of the ETA visa or the eVisitor visa. Please note that the visa Australia (ETA or eVisitor) is electronically linked to the passport number with which the request is submitted. If you have a confirmed visa, the attendants at the departure check-in will see the granting of visa to Australia on their terminals.

  • When will I apply for a visa to Australia for all my family members, will these requests be approved at the same time?

It is possible that not all requests are approved at the same time. Every request is handled separately from the other, and although they belong to the same family, it can happen that some requests are granted immediately while others after some days.

  • I want to follow an English course while on holiday in Australia. Just ask a tourist visa Eta Australia?

With the tourist visa for Australia (ETA-eVisitor) you can study English, attending a course for a maximum of three months. With the tourist visa to Australia you have the option of multiple entries, with a maximum stay of three months for each trip.

  • I lost my passport with whom I made the request for visa to Australia, what should I do in this case?

In this case the previous request of ETA visa must be modified, you must associate the new passport to the visa for Australia. You just need to communicate your new passport without requiring a new ETA visa. If you do not notice the change of Passport you may not be able to board the plane.

  • I want to take on the road with me my 4 month old son, I need to apply for a visa for Australia for him?

Yes, the Eta visa application to Australia must be submitted for each member of the family even if it is a baby.

  • I am a European citizen and would like to work in Australia, can I apply for a visa for australia eVisitor?

With Australia ETA Visa is absolutely impossible to work. If you want to work, you need to apply for a visa to work.

  • My Eta visa to Australia is about to expire. Can I renew it?

You can renew your visa for Australia ETA only if you are outside of Australia, you have complied with the conditions imposed by the ETA and you have not become the protagonist of illegal actions during your stay.

  • My tourist visa for Australia ETA is running out and I am still on Australian territory. Can I request a renewal?

In this case you can not apply for a renewal of your visa Australia ETA. In this case you should take another type of visa.

  • I will leave for Australia in 1 day, but I forgot to request the ETA tourist visa. What should I do?

We always recommend that you make the request of ETA visa to Australia well in advance. You can apply for a visa one day before departure, but we do not warrant that the granting of the visa arrives in time for departure. You can apply for a visa to Australia for tourism or business at the airport with an urgent procedure at a very high cost.

  • I am an American citizen. Which visa for Australia should I apply?

American citizens, and citizenship of Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia need to apply for a visa to Australia ETA.

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