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Australian Customs - Goods to declare

Australia Visa Goods to declare

Australian Customs - List of goods to be declared

What you must declare before your arrival into Australia airport, if you have an ETA Visa or an eVisitor Visa for Australia?

Our website describe all the obligations that the traveller must respect when traveling to Australia. We suggest you to read our page "Australia Visa insights" to have a full picture of obligations that you must respect when you go to Australia.
Refers, also, to the activities held by the traveller, which must be declared in the Passenger Card and which will be listed below.

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Customs and Passenger Card

Australia Visa Customs

Australian Customs and Passenger Card

ETA visa or eVisitor visa for Australia (tourist or business) don’t guaranteed the entrance into Australian territory.

There are other variables to consider, such as the customs and passenger cards closely linked to one another.
Australian laws impose very strict rules on what can be introduced into the continent.
It is obvious that the Australian customs laws, as in all other countries, prohibit the importation of drugs, weapons and protected animals.
There are other goods which can’t be introduced in Australia or for witch the law imposes quantity limits.

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Visa expired

Australia visa expired

A regular Visa (tourist or business) is required to enter and to stay in Australia. The Visa for Australia must be valid for the entire period of stay.

What happens if, while you stay in Australia, the visa is about to expire or it has already expired?

In this case, you can choose to leave or to extend your stay. It depends on the type of Australian visa you have.

I want to extend my stay in Australia

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Other types of visas for Australia

Australia Visa other Types

This website follows travellers to apply for the eVisitor Australia Visa for European citizens and ETA Australia Visa for citizens of other states including Americans, Canadians, Japanese, Koreans, Malaysia and Singapore. We will give a brief description Australia's most important visas, because a good part of the travellers going to Australia are so fascinated by life, that they decide to move and to work on the continent.

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