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E-Visa Australia : insights on Visa eVisitor, ETA visa and travel issue

Air travel for the disabled

ETA Australia Disabled travel

Travel with reduced mobility or medical devices


The traveler isn’t just someone who isn’t suffering from any pathology, but he can also be someone who suffers from problems of reduced mobility; we speak for example of visually impaired people, people with hearing problems or other diseases that prevent the normal performance of daily activities. However, even these have the right to travel as people who have no pathology.

This category of travelers is entitled to all the stages of the trip to the free assistance that goes from the embarkation to the airport of departure to the landing at the airport of arrival and during the flight. Before leaving, those with reduced mobility should contact the airline, specifying their pathology, devices and medical aids needed to tackle the journey.

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Drugs that you can tran by travel

ETA Australia traveling medicines

After deciding the destination of our trip it is always good to know if there are any particular health problems or if there are any mandatory or specific recommended vaccinations to be made. On the website www.baa.co.uk you can find all the information you need. For vaccinations you can go to the international vaccination centre of the local health authority.

Each country of destination, including Australia, has restrictions on the transportation and entry of medicines into the territory.

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Liquids in your hand baggage

E-visa Australia liquids by air

Travel to Australia, transport of liquids in your hand baggage

Ten years has spent since very restrictive rules were introduced regarding the transport of liquids in hand baggage. There is still some confusion among travelers about the types of liquids and powders and the quantities that can be introduced in the carry-on baggage. Here is a practical guide to know what liquids can be carried in your hand baggage when you need to take a plane to and from Australian airports in general, with all exceptions. It is good to make a small premise: the rules relating to the transportation of liquids, for the most part, are common for all nations, except for some small differences, in relation to international flights.

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Is my E-visa connected to the passport


 Is ETA Australia or eVisitor Visa linked to the passport?

Customers often ask us how to check if their E-Visa Australia is attached to the passport or how to check if it has been officially approved. This site post answers the question clearly.

The E-Visa Australia  system has been designed to make application processing faster and easier.
ETA Australia or eVisitor visa applications are sent online and, once granted, the ETA visa is electronically linked to the applicant's passport. Since it is associated with your passport number there is no obligation to print the document. No other visa works like ETA.

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The requirement of the character

E visa Australia character

Fact Sheet - The requirement of the character

Do you have a valid e-Visa Australia? To enter in Australia, you must also satisfy the requirement of character.

Even if you have obtained the E-Visa Australia grant, there isn’t absolute certainty that you can enter in Australian territory.
Anyone wishing to enter or to stay in Australia must meet the Fact Sheet as set out in section 501 of the 1958 Migration Act. Came in and stay on Australian territory is a privilege and all (tourists, workers, sponsor of visa applicants for Australia) must meet the requirements of character, even if already holders of ETA visa or Visa eVisitor.

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